Montag, 10. Juli 2017

New book release: Wer macht Dornröschen wach? (magellan)

This is my newest activity book for magellan: Who wakes up the sleeping beauty?

Und mein neuestes Mitmachbuch für magellan: Wer macht Dornröschen wach?

new book release: magellan, Die bunte Weihnachtszeit

This book is also for the Colorful world: The colorful Christmas Time (magellan)

Und hier endlich auch ein Buch für Weihnachten! Die bunte Weihnachtszeit (magellan)

new book release: Die bunten Fahrzeuge (magellan)

And here is the first of three new books for magellan, this one is for the series colorful world: Colorful vehicles

Und hier das erste von drei neuen Büchern für magellan, dieses ist für die Buchserie bunteWelt:
Die bunte Fahrzeuge

New book release: Versteckt? Entdeckt! Sauerländer

It´s time for new book releases for the fall season, here is the first one:

Mein neues Buch für den Sauerländer Verlag ist da: Versteckt? Entdeckt!

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Blueprintshow New York

I have Big News to announce! I will show my designs and illustrations at the Blueprint Show in new York! The show will run from the 21st – 23rd of May.

The Blueprintshow is a boutique trade show for designers and artists to show their work to manufacturers and publishers. 

Showing at a trade show like Surtex was my big goal for this year and it will be my first show ever. I heard of Surtex three years ago when I started my career in surface design and since then I was totally obsessed with the idea to be part of this event. But the  Surtex show is so expensive and complicated and big and overwhelming that I was totally excited when I heard of the Blueprintshows. 
I think this is the best show for me, with supporting people and a relaxed atmosphere. I´m really looking forward to this adventure!

At the moment I produce lots of new work for my portfolio and try to do a little bit marketing. This not easy as I also have to work on a few new books, games and other commissions. And not to forget my kids. But being excited seems to be a good booster;)

New books for magellan

I have neglected my blog a lot, since I use instagram. Here are my brand new books, that I did for magellan. I will post some more photos of the inside later.

Freitag, 30. September 2016

Coloringbook | Ausmalbuch | Tropen, Träume, Urwaldzauber!

Hier ist mein zweites Ausmalbuch (für Erwachsene) für den magellan Verlag! "Tropen, Träume, Urwaldzauber!" Ein Thema das mir besonders viel Spass gemacht hat!

Here is my second adult Coloringbook "In the jungle" from publisher magellan - I really loved this topic: